We understand that losing a loved one is a time of overwhelming emotion and for some, the first time they have needed to consider the process of organising a funeral service. Once a person dies and the doctor has been notified, the next person to call is a funeral director.

At Southern Highlands Funerals we are available at any hour of the day or night, every day of the year to assist you in this time of need.

Colin & Laurelle Boland, Southern Highlands Funerals

Colin & Laurelle Boland.

Simply call us on (02) 4869 2888 and we can begin helping you; arranging the transfer of the deceased into our care and making a time to meet with you to discuss the funeral

Whilst talking to us we can offer guidance as to whom to contact and we can offer support in terms of ensuring that any specific instructions left in a will can be carried out.


Next Steps After Calling Your Funeral Director

The Executor named in the last known Will must be notified as soon as possible. Where a family member or friend has been named Executor it is likely that they will need professional advice or assistance to ensure that they fully understand their rights and responsibilities as an Executor.

Southern Highlands Funerals can put you in touch with professionals to guide you through these matters. We are happy to attend you at home, to answer your questions and to simplify what needs to be done.

As we come to understand the type of service you feel truly recognises the individual, we are able to offer practical solutions that will enable you to create the unique service that you feel will honour the life of your loved one. It is important that you take as much time as you need to consider the funeral arrangements and discuss options with family members. We will share ideas with you, answer your questions and support your individual needs.

At the time of making the appointment to meet with you we will draw your attention to the information that we will need from you in relation to the legal requirements and also to ensuring that any instructions by the deceased or specific requests are noted. Again, this will give you time to consider and discuss the elements and involvement of others, likely time frames and to gather the necessary information.

Simply call Colin or Laurelle Boland on (02) 4869 2888 at any time of the day or night – we are here to help you.