A prepaid funeral is simply a funeral planned and paid for in advance at today's prices, saving your loved ones not only stress but also a future financial burden.

A contract records your specific choices and ensures your arrangements are carried out. Both yourself and Southern Highlands Funerals will keep a copy of the contract on record.

The payment for a prepaid funeral is held independently of Southern Highlands Funerals, safeguarded and properly invested until needed. Only when the service is carried out, will the funds be distributed to cover the agreed services.

Prepaid funeral plans are covered by detailed legislation in Australia and are a practical and popular option that may be exercised by any person regardless of age or state of health.

Prepaid funeral plans may be transferred to another Funeral Director if you move your place of residence or if the Funeral Director ceases to trade. Remember, your funds are independently protected.

Specific planning might include whether a burial or cremation is preferred, which cemetery or crematorium, the type and style of coffin or casket, death notices, funeral flowers and vehicles, the form and substance of the service and any special inclusions the deceased may wish to have carried out.

Southern Highlands Funerals will assist you in every step of the planning, the processes, the products and services and the cost involved. You make the decision in your time. Southern Highlands Funerals will ensure they are carried out in every detail.

Colin and Laurelle Boland are available to discuss prepaid funerals and other funeral planning options with you, to ensure you know all the options.

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