There is no simple way to come to terms with grief. It is our natural response to the loss of someone special and yet it is not well understood in our society.

We are rarely prepared to cope with it or to support those who are suffering grief. When we first learn of the death of someone we love, a common response is shock and denial. These natural reactions are the first stage of the grieving process.

Once we have accepted the loss of someone dear to us, there may be many adjustments which have to be made in our lives. Our routine will change. Our emotions will change. Often our sense of values will change. This is all a part of grieving and is really about adapting to the sudden change in our life, our thoughts, hopes and beliefs.

Invite others to share their feelings and memories with you.

Emotions should not be bottled up. Grief is a necessary process for all of us.

Accept practical assistance from family and friends, things like help with shopping, childminding, lawn mowing, meal preparation and transport requirements.

Southern Highlands Funerals also provides support in these times through referrals to professional counsellors upon your request.